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creo /latin to make grow
gram /ancient Greek sth written, drawn, recorded

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comes with passion.

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Meet some
of the most

Armed with tools people who make Creogram ”Creo”.

Marta Wachowska — CEO

Managing Director, who prefers trust to control, creativity to principles, design that works to design. She has been in marketing and sales for forever. Focused on relationships with people. She is passionate about digital marketing and the opportunities it offers.

Maciej Mucha — Graphic Designer

Maciek has been in the design industry - since he broke the mirror in his apartment - seven years already. He carries the internet in his phone and designs branding with just one finger.

Krzysztof Łabno — Senior Graphic Designer

Preaches Creogram's ideology in Cracow. He honestly believes that design has to be unique and the only way to achieve this is by remembering the past, understanding the present & defining the future. Over 10 years of professional experience.

Wioletta Majewska — CEO London

Do not strike up a conversation with her unless you want to hear it all…why the website you love so much might in fact NOT BE that well-designed or why Creogram might just be the best thing that has ever happened to your business. At Creogram she is developing business relations trying to elevate ”small talk” into ”medium talk”.

Dawid Sienko — Senior UX Designer

He gained experience working for many years in interactive agencies in Poland and Austria. He believes that usability and intuitiveness should go hand in hand with attractive design.

Piotr Laskosz — Graphic Designer

Despite being still a rather young designer he has been already often honored for his work, yet he is still hungry for new challenges and in constant search for inspiration. He loves street art and looks at the world through photo frames.

Piotr Wojtczak — Graphic Designer

Verstatile grapihc designer with several years of experience in web design field. Ambitiuos motion graphic student with high organizational and communication skills.

Jarosław Nalewajk — Senior Account Manager

At Creogram he collects briefs, organizes creative meetings and makes sure our clients receive the best projects possible.

Krzysztof Nowak — Graphic Designer/Illustrator

He is the author of numerous logos while illustration is his number one bringing him the biggest satisfaction. He gained his recognition by participating in several exhibitions and winning important awards.

Mateusz Skawiński — Designer

Over 6 years of experience in the design field. Ambitious self-learner. He began his carrier with designing posters and folders, currently he designs logotypes, web interfaces and illustrations.

Aleksandra Szczepańska — Digital Content Manager

For several years has worked in a political environment, later in an NGO. Organises and reorganises, motivated, with a knack for language, takes care of Creogram's image staying on the cutting edge of the fast changing world of social media and online marketing.

Dariusz Lamot — Founder & Business Development Director

I am a strong proponent of change, in constant search for new solutions. I use the experience gained through demanding projects to search for additional energy. I believe that the cornerstone of any company is a team of ambitious people ready for the challenge.

Karolina Kubica — Organizational Development Specialist

Karolina definitely loves order and good organization. She is the opponent of unclosed issues. When dealing with others, her priority is reliability, honesty and transparent communication. Offstage she loves visiting USA, running and exercising.

Jarosław Sarwa — Business Development Manager

He likes people, likes talking to people, likes meeting new people and what’s of the most importance - likes listening to the people.. Always listening to the clients, properly recognizing their needs, advising the right solutions and solving problems. At Creogram he is expanding the company on a global markets.

Katherin Bednarz — Account Manager

Believes that life is based on relationships and trust, build lasting relationships with customers is her daily responsibility. She has experience in marketing, in many professional fields. Constant observation of the market and the latest trends in the field of design and marketing allows her to offer the best solutions for customers. After hours, fan of extreme sports - jumping off a bridge or off road is like a breeze for her.

Please note, making a serious face for a photo is part of our creative recruitment procedure.