Animation,Creogram Out & About 31st October 2016

4 Reasons to Use Animated Explainer Videos

by Marta Wachowska

AnimationThere are certain things that can be done with animation that would be difficult to achieve with text or live action videos. Like, for example, having a coyote run off the edge of a cliff, hover in the air for a few seconds, before plummeting to the bottom – ah, Roadrunner, such hilarious memories.

The point is, so much more can be achieved with an explainer video than with standard website copy and images. The easily digestible format of video makes it ideal for creating high-impact, engaging marketing messages that instantly captures your audience’s attention.

With video, you can increase your website’s user engagement by as much as 64%. And in a world where the majority of users have lower attention spans than goldfish, video might just be the competitive advantage you need.

1. Animated Explainer Videos and Website User Engagement

“Stickability” is a hot topic these days. No, we’re not talking about THOSE kinds of sites, this is about how long someone spends on a website before heading off to more stimulating pastures. People spending more time on your site is beneficial for branding, customer signups, and Google search rankings.

How do you keep people on your site for longer? Give them something worth sticking around for. How about a series of short animated videos that come together to tell one compelling story about your brand? Or, convey your marketing message with animated music videos.

It’s not just about the videos either. You can expect a site-wide increase in user engagement if you use an explainer video. People tend to search for additional information after watching a product or service video. So, while many webmasters labor to get an extra few seconds of attention from busy internet surfers, you can use video to increase the time people stay on your site, by up to two minutes on average.

2. Video Leaves a Longer Lasting Impression

The average person spends over 5 hours per day consuming media on the internet. Much of the content consumed, however, is quickly forgotten. The Social Research Network says that only 20% of people remember the information they read. It’s even worse for audio, with only 10% of people able to remember what they heard.

But, here’s the kicker – 80% of people remember what they saw and what they did. Furthermore, visual media is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. So, not only are people able to absorb the information in video faster, but it will also be remembered for longer.

Animation by Creogram3. With Animation, You Can Explain Virtually Anything

Animated explainer videos are a huge help to businesses that want to explain certain tricky concepts succinctly. There is an inbuilt flexibility with animation that is not easily available with other forms of media. You can use animation to explain even the vaguest business concepts.

Animation can be combined with other forms of media to create truly unique marketing messages. You could, for example, mix animation with live action video to explain an innovative concept while conveying a personable brand. Use music to stir up emotions, and subtitles to reach a wider audience.

4. It’s Cheaper, Requires Less Time, and Fewer Resources

Live action explainer videos are great. They allow companies to communicate sentiment and form a level of bond with the viewer that is difficult to achieve with other formats. But the process and costs can be restrictive for many companies.

Here is what the typical live action video process looks like:

  • Pre-production – Brainstorming creative direction, budget, location, licensing, actors, and production team. You might also need to concern yourself with equipment, permission from the authorities, and non-disclosure agreements. That’s all before you even start making the video!
  • Production – Lights, camera, action. This part could take days, weeks, or even months depending on things like the weather and how each day’s shoot plays out.
  • Post-production – Now, finally it will all come together as an editor works their magic.

With animated explainer videos the process is somewhat similar. The key difference, however, is that fewer resources are required at each stage. Thus, the overall cost of producing the animated video is lower than that of live action.

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