Design inspirations,Web Design 18th July 2016

5 inspiring website designs

by Maciej Mucha

There are plenty of ways to tackle website dev and code,
and professional designers and developers are no different.

Our graphic designer Maciej Mucha handpicked 5 bold and clean web designs that will get your design mojo going. Check it out no matter whether you are developing your own site or if you’re just a fan of great design.


1. Spring/Summer 

Combination of smart design with rich technology. Are you in that Spring/Summer mood?



2. Huge

Huge enables new user behaviors with relevant, useful and engaging design.



3. Graphic Novel Hybrid4 by Peugeot

A mission in five modes. Bold, clean and responsive website with outstanding graphic design.

Graphic Novel


4. Shiftbrain 

Really hot stuff. A mix of harmony and design.



5. Lapka

The future is long. Functionality and superb design.