Animation,Creogram Out & About,Illustration 25th May 2016

On animation: Believe in your employees and do it right

by Marta Wachowska

If fear has big eyes then fear in marketing has exophthalmos. Sooner or later we all admit to listening to disco music. Fear, therefore, tells us about conservatism, necessary caution and responsibility. I decided to call things by name, take a risk and… win!

I have never been fond of the risk-taking but I think it’s about time I changed my approach. Here are 3 reasons why you should forget about being conservative in design and marketing.

You take fewer risks than you expect

Is it worth believing in the abilities of employees and assigning them tasks that exceed their skills? Is it a risk that will cost us a bonus Piotr, our graphic designer, decided to study animation. He spent hours on tutorials, and after some time he could already animate individual icons and graphics on the webpages, but he admitted that his level was peculiarly master (or rather “un-master”). Just then, my business partner Darek, came up with the idea of creating a visual animation.

 Instead of hiring a professional, we decided to throw Peter in at the deep end. First, he had a face like someone had just used his favourite mug, later… he took to work, and after a few days he presented us with a proposal for the animation scenario. We waited for a draft, and we got the finished task. We were delighted.

Lesson 1 – when you show the employee that you believe in him/her, he/she tries double and, therefore, the risk decreases double.

You teach self-reliance. To everyone. In particular, yourself

Preparation of a 1.5-minute animation took Peter more than a month. If anyone thinks that it was the time like in the American movie, where in the background mobilising music plays, and the whole team is working together for success, the answer is: not at all. Peter, though being one of the quietest people in our studio, was subject to enormous pressure, felt the responsibility for the entrusted design. The team and ourselves, the heads, wanted to support him, but without patting him on the head, and without “giving good pieces of advice.” It was only available, and made lemon balm tea every morning. To all of us.

Lesson 2 – despite all the stress, we all gained a valuable lesson. Of self-reliance. How to deal with the stress accompanying the independent implementation of a similar design and how to constructively support friends.

Even if you do not have a heart, you are moved

Working on the animation, every day Piotr was supported by graphic designers and illustrators, who were creating the graphic creations for him. It was a pleasure to look at a team that, without control, and supported with belief in self-reliance and engagement, worked like a well-oiled machine, where each element was in place.
Maybe it is somehow a lofty slogan, but I am proud that in Creogram we focused primarily on great people, designers, uxes, animators, web designers, who created not only a good team of professionals, but mostly a team that is constantly evolving.

Lesson 3 – believe in people. It pays off!

And now, in points

What did we achieve by throwing Peter in at the deep end?

  • A motivated employee, who believes in his skills.
  • An even more harmonious team, which tested itself in a new situation.
  • A new Creogram offer, i.e. animation.

And now the greatest, Piotr’s work was granted the Behance award, i.e. the international award granted by the professionals in the design and animation industry. Proof is here.