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Case study: Invento

by Marta Wachowska

The Invento case

Point in case: How good branding will enhance your business success?

There is a number of companies who forget about the right way of presenting their offers while creating innovative products. Perhaps while focusing on their business growth they do not realize how important the right selection of visual identity is, thus often miss the opportunity of broadening their range of operation, and of reaching their target audience more efficiently. A well selected and well-thought visual identity allows not only to create the professional image of the company, but also to contribute to the achievement of the company’s business goals.

The story

Initially, Invento started talking with Creogram in order to create promotional materials for their company. Before the cooperation started, we had decided to give Invento a closer look, to find out how they work, what drives them, what is the way they want to present themselves to their customers. And we managed to really get familiar with both the product and the brand: we tested the PET can (we even took some them to our office) and examined its production technology that lets the product take various shapes, sizes and volume. We also learned what makes the product special, why it is more durable, or eco-friendly. What we learned was that the company had a lot of potential and the project’s Art Director Piotr Laskosz wanted to get this potential out.

Invento has made an attempt to revolutionize the packaging market in Europe and in the world. The company provides a unique product, that is a PET can, both ecological and durable, made out of plastic. The packages come in different sizes, shapes and volume, while meeting technological requirements for the food industry. The company’s technology is patented around the world, in different continents, and the number of patents has been growing year by year. The idea presented by Invento is relatively new, but it has been gaining recognition faster than it could be expected.

The goal

We started working on the company’s promotional materials; we felt, however, that the logo and the entire identity of Invento do not respond to trends and do not reflect quality and innovation – the basic characteristics of the company. Although Invento did not expect us to create a new identity, we decided to present them with a new solution and to demonstrate that the change of image provides a number of possibilities to display their product in a creative way. We tried to indicate the direction that, we strongly believe, would benefit Invento to a greater extent. The cooperation was based not only on the change of Invento brand visual identity, but also on the creation of a series of packaging designs, that would show a wide spectrum of possibilities to use cans. Therefore, we knew that the cooperation would cover several areas – starting from the creation of the logo, through design of the website and promotional materials, to 3D visualization of PET cans. Our main goal was to create a design that would actually contribute to the sales results of the company. Every single design took us long hours to work on. We had a material that allowed us to give free rein to our imagination – a transparent product with unusual shapes facilitated the birth of our unusual concept. The entire team, along with the owners of Invento, were involved in brainstorming, which resulted in the creation of the design reflecting the key features of the brand.

A new visual identity system


We came to the conclusion that Invento logo did not fit in with the current trends and, above all, did not reflect the basic characteristics of the company: innovation and quality. As we did not know if a client would decide to change the visual identity system, we presented a proposal for the Invento logo and signet. In the project, we employed Invento product features, i.e. a transparent can of unusual shape and its aluminium sealing. Because of that, the signet does not leave any doubt about the company core business. Invento representatives decided to change the visual identification only when we presented visualizations on different types of surfaces: starting from the visualization in the shop floor, on a glass door and the company car wrapping, in the conference room or in the waiting room at their head office. It was a great opportunity to show the examples of the product that might have been introduced to the new identity.

Invento business cards

A company business card does not have to be boring. If properly designed, it can serve as an add-in to help your company stand out. While working with Invento, we thought about every detail that would  be useful in achieving the company business goals. Having a signet to work with, we created a business card which is elegant and simple yet original enough to capture the attention of people, who would get it.

Proposal of new colours

Dark hue of blue, selected as the leading colour of Invento, reflects the aura of people who take responsibility for their actions and make conscious decisions. The colour underlines the character of a company, which is stably growing on the market, and provides a number of possibilities to carry it to other materials.

Renders of cans

The key point of the cooperation was to create a series of designs for various can labels. We wanted to interest the potential customer with the product and adapt the graphic design to specific expectations of consumers. As a result we created over fifteen concepts of different beverages, which will soon be available in shops.

Web page

Invento web page was created by our graphic designer Maciej Mucha to present the characteristics, with which the brand and the product want to identify. These are mainly: clarity, attractiveness and transparency. The created web page also refers to the current standards of web pages’ development. We focused on clarity, transparency   while adding a little bit of elegance allowing the web user to take a visual breath.

The event management

Not only we took care of Invento’s visual identity but also we had prepared a big event on the occassion of opening by our client a new factory. We took care of complex organization of the event including planning, designing, printing materials and preparation of promotional video.

The result

“We wanted our idea to turn out as extraordinary, not only in terms of technology, but also visually.  The number of hours that Creogram team has spent on the project guaranteed that we got the dreamed result – a unique product presented in a remarkable form.” – Łukasz Kręski, CEO of Invento Group.

It sometimes happens that the company’s activities are not effective due to the inadequate presentation of its services and benefits it can offer. Our aim, is always to give the customer the best result s/he can possibly get, which in the case of Invento could happen only after the total change of its brand image.

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