Branding,Creogram Out & About 21st May 2016

Do you implement new brand? Do it better and faster than you wanted

by creogram

Cris Labno is a Senior Graphic Designer at Creogram who specializes in logos, typography and implementation of new brands on the market. Another specialty of Cris’s is not to provide us with information about his interviews.

For this reason, we Googled him, and found an interview which he gave to Radosław Zieliński for Dziennik Internautów. What does Cris talk about in the interview with a specialist in naming, content writing and e-PR? Among other things, about what to keep in mind when planning a new brand. What, according to Cris, works?

First of all, cooperation between a naming-man and a designer

Due to such cooperation, logo and name not only perfectly fit together, but are also produced faster. The copywriter-designer team, “at an early stage of the project”, should support one another with “constructive criticism” and eliminate the obstacles that could interfere with further work on the project.

Are you looking for a name? Think about the domain

Today, no brand or service will work without the Internet, so when you are looking for a name, consider the availability of the domain. Why? Due to empathy, do not cause a problem to the customer?

Listen to the words

It is just interesting that Krzysztof, as a designer, drew attention to this, but… the sound of the name is very important. “After all, in a radio, we do not see the sign, the name must function well in the sound aspect.” That is why it is so important already at the design stage to say the name aloud, record it and listen to it.

Be appropriate

Children’s products sounding from the German, or the legal and accounting company’s name as the diminutive? Exactly. The name and the logo must be adequate to the scope of our services and our surroundings. “For example, in the food industry, there are names that were not formed based on the lofty ideas, but are so suggestive and simple that they meet the sales goals.”


For example, read the interview given by Cris Labno to Radosław Zieliński.