Branding 2nd March 2018

Case Study: Kerosine – an advanced app for sports freaks

by creogram

We’ve just finished another big project and it’s a good one. We did graphic design, UI/UX and branding for Kerosine. It’s a mobile application for people who like to workout. It doesn’t only offer a great range of workout routines for all levels – from beginner to professional. It also tracks your progress in many different aspects.

The logo was created with sharp and strong typography. It’s dynamic and bold, perfectly suitable for everyone who likes sports. Kerosine is a type of fuel. A healthy lifestyle is a fuel for our bodies. That’s why we decided to use dark purple color for the main elements of the brand. Together with dark orange, they make a great mix for a brand to stand out. The design for this app is something you just can’t miss.

The app has a lot of functions, that are going to be great for every fitness freak. First of all – it tracks the user’s progress step by step. It analyses workouts and shows, how they affect the body. Using visualizations of a body map they can show off in detail, how each muscle changes in time.

Also, Kerosine offers great customizable workout routines for every goal there is. Either it’s fat loss or bodybuilding – you will find everything you need on your smartphone or tablet. Just download the app, fill in basic information about your body and get everything Kerosine has to offer. Both, on iOS and Android.

We are really proud of ourselves for making this project so cool. We hope Kerosine will motivate you to workout daily and to be healthy.

Download it now:

iOS: Download

Android: Download