Marketing 5th January 2018

Marketing trends for 2018. How to achieve success in business?

by creogram

When a year comes to an end, we all do summaries and new year’s resolutions. Not only we do private plans for the next 12 months, but we also should consider our business goals and how we will achieve them. It is worth to consider already, what marketing trends we are going to use to promote our products and services in upcoming 2018.

Strategy is the key

When companies started to use social media and online marketing, they didn’t have to make detailed plans. All those tools used for creating brand’s image on the internet were new, so to achieve success, they just needed to use them.

Right now almost every brand uses social media, Google AdWords and other online communication features. Without a good plan on how to use them and not get lost in the crowd – it is hard to get any positive effect.

That’s why in 2018, strategy and planning of marketing operations are going to be the first step to take, before anything else. Where to publish the content? In what form? When should we do it? What do we want to achieve?

Creogram can help you to answer these questions. From the next year, we are adding another service to our offer. We will create a perfect communication strategy and we will help you to bring it to life. If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact us.

Diversity of the content is what counts

Not so long ago, an image was the strongest type of the internet content. The audience stopped to be interested in text only. They needed something to look at.

“Visual” trend is expanding a lot and in 2018 you should use the richer forms of content, such as gifs, animations and video. It is not bad directions, since using this type of content we can communicate much more, than using simple pictures or static graphics.

A movie or an animation can contain a voiceover, subtitles and music as well. They can tell a certain story, too. It is all about storytelling and it is one of the most used methods in marketing communication these days.

Do you need a moving content for your website or social media profiles? Check our offer for animation and motion design. We will create something interesting. And it will catch your clients’ attention for sure.

Don’t forget about responsiveness

It is not a completely new thing because it is obvious for some time that mobile devices are gaining popularity each year. 80% of internet users own a smartphone. 69% of their online time, they spend looking at those tiny phone screens. Conclusion – a website has to be responsive. It means they have to look nice on the computer and on the tablet and smartphone as well.

The main purpose of the responsive website is the right arrangement of its elements, depending on the screen it is displayed on. For example – the website’s menu that is horizontal on the computer, on the smartphone it will be presented as a vertical dropdown list, so the user can read the content without any distractions.

It is important, that the user can read all the text and see all images on the website without enlarging them or flipping their device. But of course, if they will do flip it – the responsive website will adjust to the screen’s size again.

In Creogram we create beautiful and functional websites that are always responsive. Check our services and tell us what you need. We will do it for you.

Knowing marketing trends for the upcoming year is very important to make the company’s communication right and to get more clients. If you don’t know how to start – don’t worry! Cooperation with Creogram can help you achieve your business goals in an interesting and creative way. We encourage you to check our services and to contact us so we can discuss the details. We are sure we will meet your demands. Good luck in 2018!