Creogram Out & About 13th November 2016

SILESION. Has Kamil Durczok reached the roots of Silesia?

by Marta Wachowska

Anyone who thought that Kamil Durczok is withdrawing from the mainstream in favour of peaceful fatherland should know the following: Kamil is Silesian. Silesians don’t retreat. Silesians take a running start.

Kamil Durczok’s new website mainly sees him return to his roots, to what he has in his DNA. It unapologetically takes advantage of the commotion around him to promote the region, which is currently perceived as post-industrial remorse of a Poland in development.

Is this fair?

Silesia out in front.

Silesia has no insecurities or aspirations. It does what it does. It has ring roads that could be the envy of Dusseldorf, the local economic zones are growing faster than fig trees in palm houses, some salaries are higher than in European countries, and the post-industrial eyesores are being filled with contemporary art, innovative businesses, and restaurants serving tortillas with traditional Silesian black pudding.

It’s cool that Kamil is finally making it known!


SILESION – the right direction.

Kamil’s new website is raising discussion, provoking opinions – and good. The most noteworthy thing is its completely innovative design.

Fact one. We live in a culture of images.

We don’t read things online, we scan them. We become interested in the content because of an image and a catchy title.

This is the standpoint of Creogram, the studio, which designed the website. Creogram is based in Silesia, in an old porcelain factory, but it has branches in Kraków and London and handles mostly projects abroad.

“When you browse a website with quality images, you have more fun. When the articles are interesting as well, you spend more time there. This benefits both sides: the editors because it motivates them to work more to learn user expectations, and the readers because they have an interesting way to learn about the events in their region,” says Creogram’s web designer Maciej Mucha.

Focusing on images in the time of content marketing is an innovative idea. We are certain that this is the right way to develop news websites and, despite the controversies raised by the site’s current appearance, we will continue to go in our direction.



Fact two. The brutal truth in Silesian: “stop talking nonsense.”

Silesians don’t like beating around the bush and unnecessary details. When it comes to the content, the staff focuses on facts and brutal truth. Their articles are short, direct, and to the point.

Graphics? Heavy, strong, blunt, and intentionally crude.


Why like this?

“We Silesians like simple but timeless structures. We appreciate functionality. Just look at the Spodek, the typical Silesian residential blocks called ‘familoks’, or Poland’s first loft – the Bolko Loft. They are the essence of functionality and their designs are timeless. You know… I saw Slash play at Spodek and I saw Metallica play at the National Stadium. The acoustics were incomparable. Spodek is out of this world!” Kamil Durczok argues.

“The hardest thing was to find the right way to create positive associations in the readers by the minimalistic and brutal in nature SILESION branding,” says Krzysztof Nowak (Creogram graphic designer & illustrator, but mainly the co-owner of the Silesian brand MSZZ) about the work on the project.

SILESION is our Silesian narration. A brutally honest message and unconditionally direct images – no nonsense.



Fact three. A photogenic brute.

Is Silesia photogenic? Good question. Because Silesia intrigues and electrifies.

On one hand, it offers the revitalisation of post-industrial monsters, which is more photogenic than Anja Rubik in the tropics. On the other, is has the post-industrial nerve of the Tauron New Music Festival and the Wilson Shaft or the restaurants on Maricaka Street.

But this is too simple and obvious for SILESION.

SILESION is a website that bluntly invades Silesian tissue, finds important situations in an uncompromising manner, and shows them in an honest way.

Honest is the Silesian way. Strong, brutal, direct. Silesia is not good with allusions and diplomacy.

“The biggest challenge of the project was to find a common denominator in scope of the innovative approach to a news website and the heavy branding,” says Maciej Mucha. “We definitely have an advantage over previously created websites, which is our focus on strong typography and big images and illustrations. The modernistic design somewhat combines both of these features.”

SILESION – a new, good direction. 

SILESION has raised radically different opinions. From very positive to strongly sceptical. Just like we expected. Why?

“You have to be aware that everything new and innovative will initially encounter less-than-favourable comments because people usually don’t like changes. But Silesians are strong because they are persistent and do not turn away from challenges, which is why I believe that SILESION will quickly find supporters and simultaneously set a new trend for regional or perhaps even national news websites,” adds Piotr Laskosz, the art director of the Silesion project.

If you are interested in the project, visit Behance.