Branding,Creogram Out & About,Design inspirations 25th June 2016

5 ways to create a branding agency that works

by Dariusz Lamot

Do you know what I like the most? To make every day different, intense, leaving me with a sense of fulfilment, but at the same time with a feeling of insufficiency, because so much else can be done, changed, improved…  It turns me on!

Creative agency, Creogram… For me, this project was a natural stage in my life. But what to do to be successful in this business? I will be happy to talk about this subject in a few years. At this moment, I can tell you this:

Choose passionates

Creative agency, Design is not a cosy job, where the routine rules, and where you live from Monday to Friday. This work consists of continuous development, looking for a fire, inspiration, but also balance. The most important thing: you cannot stop!
Creogram is a gallery of characters, everyone is different, unique, has his/her own unique style, but somehow this collection also creates the best, perfectly complementary 
I am a faithful fan, because those guys create the best Design I have ever seen.

Be brazenly brave

The real fun begins beyond the comfort zone – this is my motto;-) I love adrenaline, unique solutions and it happens quite often that I ride the cutting edge! In business, these features, well, are useful, because you cannot take a risk!
In addition, I just believe in people, their potential and let them develop it, because there is nothing more beautiful than the moment when you see how they are doing something that just a few months earlier seemed impossible.
And one more thing, surround yourself with people, who react with laughing when they hear: Remember, if you have a problem, handle by yourself!

Live what you do

You work in marketing, you learn every day; you work in design, you do not learn when you are asleep 😉
When you join the team of those involved in the graphic design, you feel when your eyes are open. Nothing is permanent there.
It is not about to be the victim of fashion, but to be a trendsetter. Find your own style, be inspired with the best, but also inspire others. With the whole team, we go to the most important industry conferences a few times a year. We can meet there the best designers from all over the world, see their work, talk… Reset, and at the same time take a breath.

Quo vadis

The design studio is a bit like the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. There is a nice dream, but also a great, functional design. There is a chill room with football table, our own art gallery, an office building with over 100-year history, but there is also always a brief and a customer’s expectations. Daedalus and Icarus must perfectly cooperate not to fail.
That is why, we constantly test, what can be the best.  We work with a brief; the ability to cooperate with the customer, respond to his/her needs, define common targets and expectations are also the key features. So that it is not the art for the art.

Assertively respect customers

“In order to create a larger logo”, “In order to place the fax number on the poster”, “In order to make the font more entertaining” – yes, we all know these bon mots from the Internet. In Creogram, we do not to take the customer for granted; it becomes a part of our team. So that the final product is not artificial, and does not lost the character, with which it is identified by the customer, but at the same time it receives a new, better quality, character… So that both parties can proudly sign below it.

Well enough of talking, see how we do it in Creogram Branding&Digital Agency