They may seem different at first glance, but there are enough similarities between the stag

Stag parties are great opportunities to let loose and have fun

Planning the Perfect Stag Party

before you settle down with the love of your life, but planning them can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time.



Venue is the most important part of any stag party. The venue should be based on what you and your friends want to do. There are many venues to choose from, including: nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, strip clubs, and more.

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Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a huge part of making sure that you and your guests have a great time. I've put together some stag party ideas to help you plan your perfect night. A stag party is usually one or two nights,

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Stag Night

When planning your stag night, keep in mind that you may be partying all day and night, so try to avoid too much alcohol or anything else that will slow you down or make it difficult to get around. whereas a bachelor party can last up to four days.

Help from Relatives or Friends

If you’re not sure where to start with your stag party planning, get some help from friends or relatives who have done it before. They can offer up some great stag party ideas and help you avoid any potential pitfalls. Keep in mind, however, that a stag party is different from a bachelor party. A stag party is typically more subdued and low-key, while a bachelor party is usually wilder and more raucous. Plan accordingly!

Traditional Celebration

A stag party is a traditional celebration of a man’s last night of freedom before he marries. It usually includes drinking, poker, strippers and other activities that would not normally happen at a wedding. Stag parties are also sometimes called bachelor parties.

Invite Guests Early

Your guests should be informed early enough so they can make arrangements to attend your party. If you want to know how to have a stag party, it is important that your guests know when and where it will be held so they can make plans accordingly.


They are typically smaller than their female counterpart, the bachelorette party, which often has more elaborate plans for entertainment and food with less emphasis on drinking alcohol and attending strip clubs.


Whether you’re looking for stag party ideas or ways to make your bachelor party unforgettable, remember to focus on what will make the event fun and memorable for everyone involved. A little planning goes a long way in ensuring that your party is a success. If you have never been to a stag party before and don’t know what they’re all about, we recommend going with a group of friends that has experience with stag parties. Plus, don’t forget about food! Keep a few snacks on hand for those times when hunger strikes but there’s no time to stop for a meal. Other good options are protein bars and trail mix.