Telling your own story
is always hard

We wanted to describe our team and our approach to work as it really is, without sounding too boastful
or verging on cliche. Some of us believe we managed to achieve it.

Sketching our
way forward

Finding the best way of presenting abstract concepts which will allow to lead the eye smoothly and effectively is not a piece of cake. Sketching ideas on paper is by far the best way to test the designed solutions. It’s effective and fun so we sketched and sketched … and then we sketeched some more.


was key

Before the actual start of the project we spent a considerable amount of time discussing the ideas for the story. We had to verify if they could be connected in a meaningful and coherent whole.

We stormed our brains through, all six of them.


Animation is fun,
so is Creogram

So we'd better shut up now and let you enjoy the show.
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