Branding warm-up

We made a very conscious decision to design a project which will show that the can is transparent and has an unusual shape.
Finally, we put it all together to arrive with a closed lid. One signet for universal purposes? Why not.

The shade of navy blue that we chose, forms a strong liaison with its depth - bringing to mind the people who take responsiblility for their actions and make well-informed decisions.

But wait! There is something more to it - a dash of egoism and the need to make others subordiante. Without these traits the innovative idea would not gain such momentum.


Can lid

Invento signet

The World of PET Cans.
New Chapter.

Transparent cans? Sophisticated shapes? Anti-boiring labels?
No problem, Invento has it all and even more - the confidence that the new wave will engulf the world.

Many shapes,
many ideas

Possibilities no longer have to be limited technologically. The lack of any barriers in the production of innovative cans gives a sense of individuality - to Customers and to businesses.

WOW or World Open Wider

Brain cells firing during the creative process can bring you a real pleasure. The effects of hard work can motivate you. And such was the case when designing the visual shape of Invento brand.


Pixel Perfect
tailored icons

The iconography is complementing the content, therefore we were more than happy to indulge in its design. Each of the icons was designed with meticulous precision.

Modern design,
interacting with the idea

Readibility, attractiveness, visual transparency. We put all of these qualities to life on Invento website.



As a new business that is commercializing breakthrough beverage packaging innovation, we needed a powerful website to tell our story internationally. Working closely with Creogram has resulted in the informative website with great impact in creating sales opportunities globally.

William Brandell
Invento Americas, Inc.
President and Managing Partner

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